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Who We Are?

God bless you all! In the name of King Jesus Christ a lot of greetings to you. 
I am Pastor Zafar John today I would like tell you about the God's vision which comes in my mind by the wish and will of God. In fact this is the real and true story and true evidence of my coming vision by the God in my sleeping night dream. I saw in my dream my room is flooded with golden light and I heard a beautiful and joyful voice some one saying to me leave all your physical activities  and come behind me because, in past I was not related to God and his loving son King Jesus Christ, but when I saw a pious and holy dream according to the God's vision . God says to me go to those  people who  are  marginalized and disabled and God's unknown people of the world and spread  God's  word in them according to the role of my giving bible to you all. when I got up in the next morning I decided to spread God's word among those people. I obeyed  God's order and God's wish and started my work of the biblical line in the beginning  of  the  year  2000  on small scale and my new Creation International Ministries and it has taken steps for needy and poor and for illiterate people and we gave the opportunities according to the measurement of the available resources from the unknown and God loving people. Our (NCIM) provides eatables and clothing to the needy,  poor and  orphans and offer  prayers for those people  who are covered in the crises and difficulties. 


I am the Senior  in-charge of the women in the New Creation International Ministries and As we know all the man is mortal and infinitive, the man should to do the good deeds in there living life which is the gift for him in his eternal life. The base of this work is depend on reading the bible and act upon on it. God give me a little vision of his work and I commanded him. Now, I am doing the good services in (NCIM) according to the God's give vision. According to the God's given vision to me, now I am working in our (NCIM) with my full heart because, the love of King Jesus Christ is dwell in my soul in my blood and in my heart. We should to do the Holy deeds for others and do help to the 
marginalized and down-trodden





God bless you all, I inspired from the Pastor Zafar John and when I saw his worm activities and working for the King Jesus Christ in spreading the word of King Jesus Christ and his other services for an other needy person. 
I become very glad and happy to see the struggles of elder Saleem in the (NCIM), then I decided to do the work together. And also the God gave me a good vision by the looking activities of the (NCIM). Now, I am doing the work and spend our full time for (NCIM). Now, I am getting to enjoy and pleasure by the spreading the word of God and helping the needy. My all these good deeds are the able for my eternal life. As we know all the hard working and spreading the word of God and good deeds are the golden gates of success in our dooms day. We should to spend our life according to the commend of the King Jesus Christ then we save us our life for the Kingdom of the King Jesus the Christ. Man is born for the help of each other and love for each other. Man is not born for fight each other because, God made the man for him because, the Holy Bible told us the light is in him (King Jesus Christ). We should to obey and command according to the King Jesus Christ saying and his life.