New Creation Ministries International Pakistan

About NCMI

Smiley face Greetings In His Service I am Pastor Zafar John Chairman and Founder of  Mission Gospel International Ministries. This is a self sported church in Pakistan. Working to save souls for Jesus Christ and Spreading Gospel around the Pakistan

Our Activities:

Church Planting:-

(NCMI) Is passionate and committed to plant churches in the various parts of Pakistan, I praise God that we have 34 house Churches in different villages, towns, colonies, cities and remote areas of Pakistan. our ministry is grow up day by day in various areas of Pakistan and God is moving in Pakistan by our work. 

Youth Out Reach evangelism:-

Statistics show us that most international people make their decision to follow Christ between the ages of 10-24. You can be on the front lines of what is considered one of the most important ministries worldwide. Many of the children this age come from a background of extreme poverty. Some have had to work to support their families. Some are accustomed to sickness. With all these factors in their lives, who will answer the call to be God's light to shine in their direction? 

Children ministry:-

Children's Ministries is to reach out to children and draw them into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus Christ and with their church; and to train, resource, and support those who minister to children. In response to Christ's mandate to feed His lambs, the goal of the, Children's Ministries Department is to empower and resource those at every level who engage in ministry to children, so as to develop 

Women ministry:-

(NCMI) Is extremely fortunate to have so many women involved and committed to the ministry of the gospel. Specifically, we are concerned to equip and train these Christian women in Pakistan to proclaim the gospel to the thousands of women who do not know Christ. 

At the heart of what we do is the mission: ...To proclaim our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, so that everyone around us will hear his call to repent, trust and serve Christ in love, and be established in the fellowship of his disciples while we await his return. 

Singing ministry:- 

(NCMI) Encourages young Christian males and females to take part in the singing ministry. We produce Christian lyrics to sing in the worship.

Youth ministry:-

To allow young people across the country and throughout the world to use their God given gifts for the up building of his kingdom. To work with underprivileged youth and those youth that is less fortunate than others. To give young a chance to use the gifts that God has given them. To show them how to live the life that God has is calling for in these last days. To be leanings post for those who need a shoulder to lean on and a shoulder to cry on. Our Mission is to give our entire being back to God and allow him to do with us whatever he sees that is necessary for us to achieve what he has instore for us. We must be about our father's business in this day and do what he has called us to do. To be whatever he has called us to be without slacking or being slothful in doing his work for the up keep of his kingdom. 

Prayer ministry:-

In prayer ministry a person receives healing from Jesus through one or more people praying with them and using the gifts the Holy Spirit gives to discern the nature of the ministry needed and how to carry it out. Many people around the world have found healing for the wounds and traumas of life through the ministry of people trained to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit rather than just their own medical or psychological expertise. 

Cassette ministry:-

(NCMI) Produces music CDs & cassette of hymns, psalms and songs in Urdu, Punjabi. The aims are to enrich the worship of the Church in Pakistan and to make the Gospel message available through music. 

CDs and Cassettes of dramatized Bible stories, which include simple Bible teaching, are also produced and sold at low cost for use in evangelism and follow-up. 

Harvest Bible School:-

Harvest Bible School offers a diploma certificate in Bible studies. These courses include a through the Bible survey that will build up and educate you in the word of God. Well-known bible scholars teach courses. 

A structured 3 year diploma program in which our enrolled students will learn direct from 32 prominent scholars who have taught at some of the most famous bible colleges, seminaries and universities. Student's weekly lesson preparation includes hearing these teachers at home on audiocassettes or reading their lectures 


These seminars have been developed to give and up-to-date Biblical Charismatic Theology that introduces participants to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Charismatic Gifts. The sessions are more advanced than the Life in the Spirit Seminars and formulated to give people a solid introduction to Charismatic (Pentecostal) spirituality. They have proven suitable for people of all ages and walks of life who desire to grow in their faith and give an effective witness to others. 


(NCMI) Do arrange open air- crusades in different areas of Pakistan. Where thousands of people gathered in the hug ground. People get free from their dresses and sin. 

We would like to partnership with you in Pakistan to proclaim the Gospel. Please keep remember us in your regular prayers.